We're new! We'll be making this up as we go.

Who we are (intend to be)

We are a running (and other things) group based in the Peak District village of Youlgrave. Formed in March 2021 whilst waiting for the lockdown to finish with the aim of providing a place for like minded people to meet up for a run about and have a post run chat in the pub.

We will strive to have a positive impact on our area by creating a community, raising funds through events for local causes and generally being good eggs.

We welcome people of all abilities whether you're just starting out, experienced, slow or fast. We strive to be a place where you can come for a social or with the intent of improving and being part of a team, hopefully both. If you're local to Youlgrave sign up and join us. If you're visiting the area come along as a guest and we'll try to not get lost with visitors.

We are currently unattached so operate under the understanding that everybody that runs with us does so at their own risk, as if you were out running with your friends. The group may change to a club with affiliation to a governing body when/if we think its appropriate.