These are out most used routes and where a history of our Guided Trail Runs live.

Lumsdale Lynx

When : Sunday 25th February 10:00

Where : Matlock

Start / Meeting point: Matlock Train Station Car-park. From 9:40 for a 10:00 start.

Facilities / Parking.

Pay and display parking at the station on the RingGo app / cash / card. Toilets at the station


6.8 mile / 800 feet

From the staion we'll head along the river through the park into Matlock then its up on trails to Lumsdale waterfall. From there its run back down along more trails to the cheeky climb of the day up to Riber Castle, which is our highest point. Its then a 2mile down hill through fields and trail back towards the river and back home. 


Hob Hursts House, Beeley Moor

Where Rowsley, Peak District. DE4 2JE 

Meeting / Start: Peak Village shops car park. Chatsworth Rd, Rowsley, Matlock DE4 2JE


7.4m / 1100ft

Starting from Rowsley we'll head up towards Beeley Moor all the way to Hob Hursts House . From there its a big long downhill on the Moor, past a stone circle and weaving through the woods.

Post run pub lunch TBC



Facilities: Mini shopping center. Free parking, cafe and toilets.

Bakewell Thornbridge Brewery and Beyond

Start / Meeting point: Thornbridge Brewery tap Rooms. Riverside Industrial Estate Bakewell.

Facilities / Parking. Brewery. You can park by the tap room as we'll be popping in post run.

Route:8.5m/ 750ft

The negative to starting/finishing at the brewery is we have to run out of the industrial estate 1st. The positive is ..we finish at the brewery and its only 600meters. From the Brewery its all rolling meadows and Peak District views. We head up to Great Longstone via Monsall Head then make our way back over the fields for a pint and pizza.


Eyam and the 'Secret' Waterfall

Where: Eyam

Start / Meeting point: Eyam Public Carpark, Hawkhill Road, Eyam.

Facilities / Parking. Pay and Display. Toilets.

Route:7.5 mile / 1200ft

DW Maps GPX: HERE  Strava: HERE

Starting in Eyam its a climb up and over Sir William Hill then along Bretton Brook over a few fields past Silence Mine Heritage site. Its then off to the 'secret' waterfall before and up and over back into Eyam.

Aldwark Brewery Loop

Meeting / Start: Brewery Gates

Route:  Starting from the Brewery its a 6mile loop over the trails and fields around Minninglow Hill. We shall then endeavour to organnise a p!ss up in a Brewery.

Post run pub lunch.




Facilities: Brewery

Not The Litton Christmas Cracker

Start / Meeting point: The Red Lion, Litton

Facilities / Parking. Pub. Village parking

Route:7.4 mile / 1000ft

DW Maps GPX: HERE  Strava: HERE

Because this year's Litton Christmas Cracker has been cancelled we'll keep the memory alive by having a pootle around the route. We'll be sticking as closely as we can to the Cracker route without straying off public paths. The route will take us through Tideswell Dale and past Litton Mill giving us 3.5m of downhill. We're then in Cressbrook Dale and it's a  climb up to Wardlow Hay Cop then back to Litton. 

Thorpe and The Bunster

Guided Trail Run: Thorpe and The Bunster

Where: Thorpe (Dovedale)

Start / Meeting point: The Old Dog Pub, Thorpe DE6 2AT

Facilities / Parking. Thorpe Station Car park or Narlow Lane Car park, Thorpe

Route: 8.6 mile / 1800 feet 


Strava: HERE

Starting and finishing in the pub we'll run under Thorpe cloud, past the Dovedale stepping stones then up onto the top ridge above the rive with views into the valley. We'll drop down then come back p Ilam Rocks and across the fields heading up over the Bunster monster before dropping back into Thorpe for a pint.


Further Info (any last minute updates will also appear here)

Sites Of Meaning Tour Middle By Youlgrave

Where: Middleton by Youlgrave

Distance: 7 mile (15 mile cancelled due to injury)


7 Mile DW maps is HERE . GPX File is HERE . Plot a route is HERE

15 Mile  DW maps HERE . GPX File HERE Plot a route map HERE (If you fancy the full tour you can just carry on if you're ok with Nav)

Start: Middleton by Youlgrave Square


For the millennium Middleton and Smerrill parish started a project to mark the 17 entrances into the parish with boundary stones. Each stone is inscribed with a text. Some are sculptures, some are poems others are er...plain weird. They all have a back story and handily are positioned at rather nice places to run. 

We were planning the full 15 mile route to see them all but due to a few injuries we're just going to do as many as we can fit in within a 7 mile route.

Post run we'll have a picnic in the park...unless its raining then its straight back to Youlgrave Harriers HQ (The George Inn, 1m away back in Youlgrave). 

The full guidebook as a PDF is HERE

sights of meaning booklet-print.pdf

Hartington cheese to sheen hill and back

Where: Hartington village, SK7 0AL

Start/Finish: Devonshire Arms

Distance: 5.9 mile / 9.5km

Climb: 820 feet / 250 meters

Terrain: Light trail, fields with short section of country lane

Route Description and Map: A loop heading North from Hartington over rolling hills for an up and down of Sheen Hill. The return is a run along light trail and fields between the river and Carder Low back to the village. Map

Facilities: Several pubs, cafe, public toilets and cheese shop in Hartington

Hartington and Sheen Hill

not the baslow bolt

Where: Baslow village, DE45 1SR 

Start/Finish: Nether End carpark DE45 1SR 

Distance: 7.9 mile / 12.7 km

Climb: 1100 feet / 335 meters

Terrain: Woodland and pasture. Few short sections of road

Route Description and Map: From the Baslow Bolt race description "The route climbs away from Baslow through fields towards Hassop then proceeds along the beautiful ridge path through Bank Wood and Bramley Wood (a little known local gem). It then drops down to the River Derwent and Calver/ Curbar before climbing up to Baslow Edge (with its fabulous views across both the Dark & White Peak) through a mixture of limestone trail and gritstone before descending Bar Road into Baslow ". Map.

Facilities: Several pubs, cafe, public toilets in Baslow

Baslow Bolt route

chrome and other hills 

When and Where: Sunday 13/06 10:00 . The Quiet Woman, Earl Sterndale

Start: The Quiet Woman pub Earl Sterndale

Distance: 7.5 mile / 12 km

Climb: 1100 ft / 335 meters

Terrain: Mostly fields and rough track with short section of lnae. Some 'technical' bits off Parkhouse hill

Route Description and Map: Heading out from the village its an up and over Parkhouse hill before the big bump of Chrome hill. From there its a loop around Hollins hill and a 3mile trail downhill before a bump back over Parhouse hill to finish.

Facilities: On street parking. Pub finish but no pre run toilets. However it is a quiet route...

For all our Guided trail runs as long as you can jog about 6 mile on the flat you'll be fine. Pace isn't important, these are social runs where we'll have walks up the hills and stay together. We operate an all is welcome policy on our Sunday 'Guided Trail' runs with a little caveat of if you're not joined up as a £5 per year member you drop a little donation into the Friends of Youlgrave School charity box (in the shops and pubs) when you next pass through 

If you have any questions please contact us.


Start: The Eyre Pub, Chesterfield Road S32 3XH

Distance: 5.5 mile / 12 km

Climb: 760 ft

Terrain: Trail and fields

Route Description and Map:

Facilities: There's parking pubs and cafe/garden centre in our starting place of Calver


Start: Fairholmes Bamford Hope Valley S33 0AQ

Distance: 7 mile

Climb: 1200 ft

Terrain: Rough Trail and pokey bits.

Route Description and Map:It heads up onto Derwent Edge and descends from Salt Cellar Boulder with some great views and terrain to enjoy along the way. Map pic below, interactive map HERE

Facilities: Lots of parking in Fairholmes carpark, cafe and toilets.

ROY almost the salt cellar route


When and Where: Sunday 25/07. Meet 9:45, start 10:00 . Cromford

Start: Cromford wharf car park, DE4 3RP 

Distance: 6.5 mile

Climb: 1000 ft

Terrain: Light trail and woods

Route Description and Map: There will be woods, fields, rocks and some big views. We'll be starting in the car-park near cromford Mills and canal. We'll then avoid setting foot on the canal and scuttle off over the fields, before hitting the hill to get up and over Black Rocks. We then get a nice 2 mile drop down the trails back to home.

Dynamic Watch GPX HERE

Plot a route interactive map HERE

Facilities: Toilets, pay and display car-park plus cafe

Tour de Blackrocks


Start: Nether End Car park, Church Ln, Baslow, Bakewell DE45 1SR

Distance: 9.2 mile

Climb: 1200ft

Terrain: Hard packed trail, woods, rocks, fields. Bit of everything

Route Description and Map

Starting in Baslow we'll head under Baslow Edge up onto Curbar edge and Froggatt edge before returning along White Edge. There's woods, moors, rocks, hills, stone circles and the obligatory Trig point. The cut up from Froggatt edege to White Edge is a an overgrown shortcut, completely passable but can be a bit jurrasic park in the summer. 

Map and GPX or Dynamic Watch

Facilities: Carpark, cafe and toilets at the start.

the sugarloaf AND FRIENDS (WETTON , thors cave, ecton and wetton hills)

Start: Wetton car park, Carr Lane. Head to Wetton and follow the parking sign,

Distance: 6 mile

Climb: 1000ft

Terrain: Fields, caves, river path, big hills.

Route Description and Map: Starting from Wetton we'll pop to Thor's cave then do a nice easy 1/2 mile along the Manifold track by the river having a quick look at Old Hannah's Hole. From Hannah we head up. We climb the Sugarloaf, then climb a bit more to Ecton Hill. Its then a few miles rolling across the tops before a visit to the top of Wetton hill and back to the start.

Dynamic Watch GPX

Facilities: Toilets in the car park and pub in the village


Start: Edale Car Park, Hope Road, Edale. Near the train station.

Distance: 7 mile

Climb: 1400ft

Terrain: Paths, rocks, fields. Technical and rough in places. Can be very slippy heading up. Route will change if the weather is horrible.

Route Description and Map: Starting from Edale we'll head up to Kinder Plateau via a scramble up Crowden Clough. We'll then go along some flat (Edale Moor) passing Upper and Nether Tor. The way back down will be via Ringing Roger and The Nab. 

It can exposed up there and the weather can be rough across the top. Come equipped for the worst and hope for sunshine. 

Interactive map and gpx or plot a route OS map below.

Facilities: Car park with toilets. Cafes and pubs in the village. Train Station.


Start: Thorpe . Narlow Lane Car Park, Thorpe . If car park is full there is another signposted from this 1 just a few 100 meters away.

Distance: 8 mile 

Climb: 1800ft

Terrain: Trail and fields..and stepping stones.

Route Description and Map: From Thorpe village we'll go over Thorpe Cloud, across the Dovedale stepping stones and along the Dale for 0.5 mile. Its then up Lovers leap and across the top of Dovedale with the views of the Dale below. Its then a drop and climb back up the other side for the return leg along the other side with a climb up Bunster hill (potential shortcut TBC after recce) and returning to Thorpe. It will be muddy in places so grippy shoes are needed.


plot a route

See Maps below.

Facilities: Parking


Start: Visitor center, Tittesworth Reservoir, main car park

Distance: 9 mile

Climb: 1200 ft

Terrain: Farm land, woods, some rocky trail across the Roaches. Quite muddy in sections. 

Route Description and Map: Starting from Tittesworth it's 4 miles across rolling farmland and trails until we reach the woods and Luds Church. From there its a steady climb onto the Roaches where we get a fix of the big views for a couple of miles. It's then the return run of gentle downhill for 2 miles back to Tittes.  . Map below

GPX and interactive map: or plotaroute 

Facilities: Parking, toilets, cafe.


Start: Nether End Car Park, Baslow.

Distance: 8 mile

Climb: 1000 feet

Terrain: Maintained trail, meadow, bit of lane

Route Description and Map: A tour to the boundaries of Chatsworth. Taking in woods, monuments, waterfall, deers and men in flouncy shirts jumping in ponds.

GPX Dynamic Watch GPX 

Plot a Route Interactive map 

Facilities: Cafe, toilets, parking

If you have any questions please contact us.


When and Where: Saturday 15th Jan, 9:45 for 10:00 start

Start: The Street Car Park, Buxton (SK17 6SX). Google PIN. The postcode can send you in odd directions, so have a quick look at the route map below to compare against your sat nav.

Distance: 9 mile

Climb: 1800ft

Terrain: Woods, trails, bit of rocky path.

Route Description and Map: Starting from the 'Street car park' next to Errwood Reservoir we'll head up to Shining Tor then across the tops past a few more Tors until we hit Windgather rocks, turn right and come back along the bottom through the woods and by the reservoir. 

Facilities: A picnic bench and trees


Start: Surprise View car par, Grindleford, Hope Valley S32 2JA. GOOGLE PIN

Distance: 7 mile

Climb: 1200FT

Terrain: Bit of everthig..woods, rocks, moors.

Route Description and Map: From the car park we'll head up a gentle climb to Owler Tor across Hathersage Moor and onto Burbage rocks. Its then pretty easy running with views to Moors either side down into Padley gorge where we'll weave about a bit with a cheeky little climb at the end to get back to the car.





Start: Sett Valley Car Park. Hayfield. GOOGLE PIN


Climb: 2000ft

Terrain: Kinder...mud, rocks, technical parts. 

Route Description and Map: Starting in Hayfield its a gentle 2 mile climb that takes you up snake path onto the moor. From there its a less gentle climb up william clough which is..a bit of a scramble in places. Its then some decent running, but usually very windy across the top, turn right at downfall for a 3mile jaunt back to the finish including a bit of the Pennine way to claw back some time. Fell kit will be needed. We're high up and its gnarley in places. No fell kit...not our play pal.


Plot a Route MAP AND GPX

Facilities: starting in Hayfield so theres toilets, cafe, pub etc

Note:  Because of the time of year this route can get a bit urgh. Please come prepared for some blasting wind and very cold temps across the top.  

If you have any questions please contact us.

Youlgrave Harriers 1st Birthday DALES, WOODS AND ROCKS

When and Where: SUNDAY 13TH MARCH. 9:45, 10:00 start,

Start: Coldwell Lane carpark, Youlgrave.

Distance:9m or 5m

Climb: 1000ft or 600ft

Terrain: Decent trail, open fields and woods

Route Description and Map: Its Youlgrave Harriers 1st birthday run. We'll start from our home village car park on Coldwell Lane. There's going to be 2 options. A shortcut at a very social pace for 5miles and a longer 1 also at a social pace but a smidge quicker than the 5 mile gang so we can aim to be back at the pub about the same time. Both routes will take in our Dales and rolling countryside. We'll all end up in our club HQ (the pub) about 3/4 mile from the starting car park.

Facilities: Toilets, bakery, shop and pubs.

Map:  Long GPX HERE . Short GPX HERE



Start: Heatherdene Car Park, Peak District National Park, Ladybower Reservoir, Hope Valley GOOGLE PIN

Distance:6.3 Mile

Climb: 1700 feet

Terrain: Moors, wooded trail, fields and 'worlds' steepest road.

Route Description and Map: Starting on the edge of Ladybower Reservoir its a gentle flat mile before the climb up to the top of Win hill. This part is borrowing the route of the Bamford Sheepdog Fell Race all the way to Bamford (2nd June. entry on day). From here its admire the views and enjoy the long downhill off Win hill. When we hit Bamford there's a little uphill challenge of a 500 meter run up Bamford Clough which is (unofficially) the worlds steepest road. Its then an easy 2miles across Bamford Edge back home.

Facilities: Toilets. Pay and Display car park.


For all our Guided trail runs as long as you can jog about the planned distance on the flat you'll be fine. Pace isn't important, these are social runs where we'll have walks up the hills and stay together. We operate an all is welcome policy on our Sunday 'Guided Trail' runs.

If you have any questions please contact us.



Start: Winster Playground car park MAP Wyntor Ave, Winster, Matlock DE4 2DU . There's 2 car parks this 1 is the bottom of the village ie NOT the little 1 at the top on East Bank (though thats only 800m away if you end up there)

Distance: 8 mile

Climb: 1500 feet

Terrain: Woods, meadows, bit of lane and Moors. And in theory LOADS of Bluebells.

Route Description and Map: From Winster we'll head through Clough Woods which should be a sea of Bluebells. From there its up onto Stanton Moor with its stone circle, trig point and long views out over the area. Its then a few miles of downhill back to the village and the pub.

Facilities:.Free car park. Woods. Shop and 2 pubs in the village.

Map:  Dynsmic Watch GPX HERE Plot a Route interactive map HERE


Start: Hartington Square outside the Devonshire Arms. Market Place, Hartington, Buxton SK17 0AL

Distance: 8.5m

Climb: 700ft

Terrain: Rolling fields and river trails along Dales

Route Description and Map:Limestone trails, river side runs and a hill in the middle to make sure you get a good view of it. Think Dovedale but prettier and quieter.

Facilities: Toilets, pay and display parking, cafes, shops etc in Hartington

Map:  Dynamic Watch GPX HERE . Plot a Route interactive map HERE

Brassington Harboro Rocks

Start: Meeting at: The Miners Arms, Miners Hill, Brassington, DE4 4HA .

Parking: There's no village car park but there is plenty of street parking around the village if you explore a little. Please be mindful of leaving lots of space for passing BIG farm vehicles. 

Distance: 7 mile

Climb: 900 feet

Terrain: Fields, light trail, couple of country lanes.

Route Description and Map: Using the Brassington fell race route to have a recce before the race (race is 28/07) we'll deviate off the course to add a bit of extra distance and a trip to the old mines and little hill at Harboro Rocks. Its rolling hills, wind turbines, sheeps and decent trails with big views across the White Peak area.

Facilities:There's 2 pubs in the village and lots of isolated tree cover. Post run recovery will be in the Miners Arms.

Map:  Dynamic Watch Map HERE. GPX download HERE

Alport Castles

Guided Trail Run: Alport Castles 

REGISTER YOU'RE INTEREST BY ADDING YOUR NAME HERE (so we can keep the numbers in check :) )

Start / Meeting point: 9:45 for a 10:00 start. Fairholmes car-park cafe (Derwent Ln, Bamford, Hope Valley S33 0AQ)

Distance: 8 mile / 1400ft

Route Details :

Starting from the coffee shop in Fairholmes car park its the main climb of the day as we head up through the woods. We emerge from the woods onto Rowlee pastures where the climb continues but you get clear views out over the reservoirs. There's a mile or so fo flat running across the top to get to Alport Castles which is a huge landslip which gas results in big collection of castle like structures. Ok castle like if you squint a bit. Impressive though. From there its a steepish drop before a long and downhill run alongside the River Ashop, bit of a bump and then we're back for a picnic.

Terrain: Fields and rocks. Nothing overly technical.  

Facilities: Large pay and display car-park though it does fill up very quickly ie get there for 9:45 or before. Toilets and cafe.


Dynamic Watch Link  HERE

Plot a Route Link HERE