Welcome to not the summer anymore. If you're feeling all inspired and motivated after seeing all the London Marathon buzz the official entry ballot for 2022 is currently open here it closes 08/10. If you’re a good vintage the good for age standards have changed a little as well, they're here .

If you're inspired to run, but not in London or just fancy some exploring, the rest of the year's ROY’s Guided Trail Runs are now in the Youlgrave Harrier's diary (and below). Routes need to be ironed out after a few reccee's but they'll all be between 6-10mile, include some kind of innuendo named rock/hill/crevice (we've returned to Old Hannah's Hole..and still cant find it), a post run pub recovery and they'll always be free because we do it for fun not fees.

We have allowed time to get away from us for putting our 1st race on and it's looking increasingly likely that our 1st event will actually be that traditional Peak District village event of a beer mile. Perfect excuse to book a weekend retreat in early 2022 to the beautiful village of Youlgrave..then sprint about necking beer like its Skegafornia.

Back in the sunnier days of May we did a guided trail run around the course of the Baslow Bolt..unlike our lackadaisical racing organising skills the Baslow Bolt gang have got their race on for 2021 (27/11/21) Its an excellent route with a bit of everything (fields, woods, up n down an edge with fluffy cows) plus all the proceeds go to the local village school. Info and entry HERE .

This Sunday we're off up Kinder from Edale. The weather is looking ok, borderline decent, but if you're coming along please pack a full fell kit just in case. That's a solid pair of fell/trail shoes that are ok on wet rock, extra layers, waterproof(s) and mulled wine. The map of the planned route is below and we'll print a few off for the day so you can play the name that rock game as we go round. We'll have a recovery drink and snacks in the Ramblers Inn post run.

Club Runs: Open invite, pop down if you're about. Our Thursday's are now fixed as our speed/strength sessions. We use our grass 'track' for the speed work, even attached reflective tape to the cones now, we're high tech. Every 2-3 weeks we swap off the grass onto a hills session somewhere in the village. We always finish up in the George for cake and a drink to defrost (coffee and walnut, carrot, Victoria sandwich and red velvet done so far). We meet on Alport Playing Fields, Youlgrave . Starting at 19:00.

Sundays remain our social run abouts. If it's not a 'Guided Trail Run' we're in Youlgrave starting from outside the Bull's head.

Guided Trail Runs

Kinder (not trespassing)

When and Where: Sunday 10th October, 9:45 for 10:00 start. Edale

Start: Meet in Edale Car Park, Hope Road, Edale. Near the train station.Finish: The Ramblers Inn.

Distance: 7 mile

Climb: 1400ft

Terrain: Paths and rocks. Technical and rough in places. Can be very slippy heading up. Route will change if the weather is horrible.

Route Description and Map: Starting from Edale we'll head up to Kinder Plateau via a scramble up Crowden Clough. We'll then go along some flat (Edale Moor) passing Upper and Nether Tor. The way back down will be via the side of Ringing Roger and The Nab.

It can be exposed up there and the weather can be rough across the top. Come equipped for the worst and hope for sunshine.Interactive map and gpx HERE or plot a route map HERE

Facilities: Car park with toilets. Cafes and pubs in the village. Train Station.

Sunday 7th November: Dovedale and Thorpe Cloud. Route TBC, we will tick off the stepping stones and a big hill or 2. Maybe buy an icecream.

Sunday 21st November: Luds church and the Roaches. Route TBC. It'll be muddy. Its always muddy.

Sunday 19th December: Chatsworth Christmas. Starting over in Baslow we'll loop round the Chatsworth grounds checking out the Christmas tree dressed as elves.

That's all hopefully see you on a run soon - John Wadelin.

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There's been a new study released which backs up the anecdotal evidence and past studies that regular exercisers tend to drink more vs their peers whilst having lower dependency. For example Thursday is 2 pint night with a preceding club training session. What drives this correlation is up for some debate, is it a personality trait or is it the do a good thing reward yourself with a bad thing psychological phenomenon. As is usual in these things it's probably a combination. Though the pint per mile post race recovery method may be taking things a little far. A good summary of the study is here . Youlgrave Harriers will be conducting a study on 5k times vs cake consumption oh and of course there will be the inaugural beer mile all in the name of furthering science.

Whether your motivation is to get fitter, drink more / less, sample cake or to explore the area our Thursday club run has evolved and can cover most of those ambitions. The 0k to 5k is over with a successful graduation group impressively completing the (not the) Bakewell parkrun comfortably. This means Thursdays are switching focus to be 'improvers' night. They will alternate between easy trail and lane runs (4+ mile) and running sessions (speed work on the grass, hills, strength and technique work etc). Same time, 18:45 for 19:00, same place, Alport Lane Playing Fields, Yougrave. This week is our first speed session and we'll be keeping it simple and along the lines of an introduction to speed work, all on the grass.

Sunday Runs

Sunday 12th Sept: It's the Guided Trail Run to The Sugarloaf and friends. We're starting from the village of Wetton, meeting in the carpark at 9:45 for 10:00 (Carr Lane, ST13 7ST). From Wetton we'll be heading to Thors cave for the photo ops whilst we're looking all fresh. From there it'll be hills, views and if the weather holds, no mud, maybe a quick glance at Old Hannah's Hole. There's an interactive map HERE including a GPX route to download. We'll even print some maps off so you can practice some Nav. It's about 6miles and about 1000ft of up. If you haven't added your name already and fancy coming along either add your name to the google form HERE or reply to this email or tick im coming on the facebook event.

Sunday 19th September: For a club away day there's a great entry level fell race. The Stannage Struggle Fell race. Entries are still available and all the entry proceeds get shared out to local good causes including the Edale Mountain rescue and local primary school. You can check the route HERE and enter HERE. It's 6 miles and all the climb is front loaded in the opening 2 miles as you bobble up to the edge then its decent running around the top and back down. It is run under Fell Running Association rules so if you're new to this check out their website or ask questions by reply to this email.

The other Sundays: 9:45 for 10:00 The Well (opposite Bulls head) Youlgrave. Trail run round the area.

The October Guided Trail Run is 10th October, Kinder Not Trespassing. Bit more up involved in this 1 with a bit of scrambling thrown in for fun. We're still running about to nail down the route but it'll be about 6miles and involve a big hill, a plateau, rocks and a clough.


OK bit late...i got distracted.

Session 1 Week 1 of 0K to 5K is done. Thank you for coming along last Thursday, hope it was all ok for you all. If you couldn't come along, we had a good crowd and there's always next week. Same time (18:45 for 19:00 start), same place (Alport Lane playing fields Youlgrave), same sunshine, same recovery pub (The George).

Hopefully you've popped out over the weekend to do something a bit running about orientated. The plan homework was/is a simple run for 1min walk for 1 min. Repeat 6-8 times. Feels easy..extend the run part by a little bit, feels hard..extend the walking part by a little bit. The plan lives here for prosperity and gets updated as we go

This Thursday (15/07) we'll have the warm up and 1st run/walk on the field. Then very loosely split into 2 groups. The plan is pencilled in as run for 2 minutes, walk for 2 minutes, repeat 6 times. We'll adjust slightly on the night to suit the groups (eg run a bit less/more as appropriate and/or do less/more repeats). The 2 groups will stay in range of each other with the quicker group doubling back after a few of the repeats (on the flat vs back up a hill), the 2 group approach allows a little flexibility in how much people do. We'll stay on the same route this week, but should get a little further up the river before doubling back.

Thats all - see you Thursday John W.

Ps. if you're on Strava the Youlgrave Harriers group is HERE . In facebook land the Youlgrave Harriers group is HERE .

And if you're wondering if its worth sticking to..if you can run 3mile..doesnt take long before that increases to jogging about for 6mile and if you can do that = our Sunday runs get all over the place..this week we went and had a look if the 'Cakes of Bread' resembled cakes or bread. Not convinced. Looked like (big) rocks to us.



The Olympics are now in full swing and there's even been a bit of a medal rush on for team GB today..which has hopefully turned you into highly motivated machines exploding with the desire to blaze, to become legends, to race dark satan till he wheezes fiery cinders down the back straight! Too much?... ok hope its been a pleasant distraction over the past few days.

We're on week 4 this Thursday, so half way. In past courses this is normally where people find things a little more challenging as we start to tip into more running than walking and the novelty may have worn off. Not to worry if you can stick past this week, traditionally week 5 is where we turn the corner and things start to feel easier.

This Thursday it's Run 3min, walk 2 min, run 5 min, walk 2min. Repeat 2-3 times. As ever it'll flex on the night to be less or more.

A recap of what we've done so far can be found HERE



It's week 5 and this week's running target is repeats of 5 minutes running with a 3minute brisk walk interlude and we'll do something like that 3-4 times. Despite team GB picking up the BMX medals and the fact there's a BMX track hidden in the corner of the playing fields we will be sticking with the running.


Thursday 29/07/21



Saturday 31/07/21

Homework 1 OR Crosstrain


Monday 2/08/21

Homework 2



Thursday 5/08/21



Saturday 7/08/21

Homework 1 OR Crosstrain


Monday 9/08/21

Homework 2



Thursday 12/08/21



Saturday 14/08/21

Homework 1 OR Crosstrain


Monday 16/08/21Homework 2


We went wild last week and went a different route, we may go equally crazy this week and change it again.

Hopefully you've noticed we're covering very close to 5k already and what will start to happen now is we'll play it even looser with the plan and start using the natural breaks (gates, road crossings,hills etc) and how people feel to control the walking breaks more than the clock as we extend the continuous running.

This logic behind using the plan as a guide rather than adhering exactly to what's pencilled in is that's how running about works in the long term ie you pop out for a run, take a little brisk walk break if required and carry on. It's very easy to over complicate matters when the reality is that all the way up to the whippets you see at the Olympics 80-90% of the running 'training' is simple, general uncomplicated jogging.


0K to 5K. Thursday 8th July 18:45 for 19:00 Alport Lane playing fields (cricket/football pitches youlgrave). That tomorrow!!

Hope you're all giddy with excitement about having a bit of a jog about tomorrow evening. It's all deliberately straightforward because we're almost exclusively focusing on habit forming and slow aerobic improvement.

Therefore there's not much you need to know before tomorrow, but here's a few bits of info:

Where and When: Thursday 8th July 18:45 for 19:00 start. Alport Lane playing fields (cricket /football pitches). I should be there 1st with an extra runner or 2 so wave when you get there. For those of a certain generation just look for Moby in PE kit, if that means nothing = short bald fella running round the field.

Kit: Just your bog standard everyday PE kit, whatever you find comfy. If you fancy shopping for next week here's our club 10% discount code for .....

kit/Raining/conditions: I've personally made a sacrifice to the Peaks Weather God pompomtep of consuming cider to get us sunshine. However it may still be a bit rainy/ cold / warm. You'll have to trust me that once you get moving you won't notice rain or the cold. If its warm, we have a lovely river to paddle in. If you're a bit chilly at the start just pop an extra thin layer on that you can take off after a few mins and won't be a problem to carry or attach round your waist. We won't be out long enough for it to cause any kind of issue. As a very general rule, whatever the temp is add 10c and that's what it'll feel like once you're moving about. If it's warm, bring a little bottle of water, you won't need much as we're keeping it low intensity.

Route: We plan to do 1 lap around the playing fields with a few warm up easy dynamic stretches ('drills'..hop about a bit) then we'll head down the short section of road to Alport and onto the river path. We'll run upstream and probably get to Mawstone lane before finishing. We'll then walk up the hill back to the village as the 5min cool down (if you're not local thats basically back to the start). You can run up the big hill if you wish. I only run up it on leap years.

Plan: The website will show the next 2 weeks plan. It will follow the pattern of the traditional couch to 5k plans (have a google), but will get tweaked depending on our group.


CLUB Thursday: Run for 1 minute, walk for 1 1/2 minute. Repeat this 8 times. The 'run' part is an easy chat pace.

HOMEWORK1 :Run for 1 minute, walk for 1 minute. Repeat this 6 times. (make it easier by extending walk time and reducing repeats, make it harder by increasing repeats)

HOMEWORK2 : Run for 1 minute, walk for 1 1/2 minute. Repeat this 8 times (repeat of club run)

Things to bear in mind: There will be a difference in abilities. Somebody will find it hard, somebody will find it easy, hopefully most will be in the middle. This is expected in any group whether that be in our group of new to running or a squad of scrawny whippets.

You won't be holding people back if you're finding it hard, you won't be being held back if you find it easy, you're just doing something a bit different to the person next to you on the night.

Everybody benefits from a mix of easy runs and bit harder runs. You simply adapt your next 'homework' run to make it an easier or harder jog about. We can discuss the general principles of this on the night. On week 1 we'll stay as 1 big group, this will involve the front doubling back a couple of times, that's fine and normal.

In 8 weeks or so when we're done with plan following i hope we'll all continue to meet up on Thursdays and head off in mini pace/distance based groups for a run in multiple directions and reconvene for a recovery pint afterwards.

I will be repeating this lots. The plan is intentionally straightforward, i.e. let's jog a bit and walk a bit. As we progress we'll run more and walk less. Do I have a large collection of detailed / complicated training sessions with big long words for targeted and phased improvement? Yes. Are they appropriate to do before a decent aerobic base (what we're doing) is built? NO. Though we may drop a few bits in during the later weeks for a bit of optional 'fun' at the end.

may newsletter


Hello, we have a quick Baslow update and some inspiration needed...

The country has been steadily emerging from lockdown and we've been steadily emerging out of Youlgrave. The 1st Guided Trail Run was enjoyed in the hills surrounding Hartington including a little trig point bagging up Sheen hill. There's a few more of the guided trail runs added into the diary for June (13/06 Chrome Hill, 27/06 Stoney Middleton) and July's routes are under consideration (Black Rocks and ....). If you fancy joining in with 1 of those runs simply add your name to the list of 'coming to run' via this form.

If there are any Peak District routes, hills with names, race recce's or landmarks that are on your bucket list please reply with suggestions and we'll point 1 of our future Sunday runs at it (feel free to include dates when you're not about to do the run as well).

For some inspiration there's a list of Peak District fell races extracted from the FRA website at the bottom of this mail and we'll add to the list when we see them on our website page . Our Youlgrave Harrier races are in the route design phase whilst we wait for the full covid restrictions to lift before committing to anything.

This Sunday we're in Baslow using the Baslow Bolt fell race route (unfortunately appears to be not on in 2021) , which will be an 8mile tour of woodland and along Baslow Edge with large fluffy cows spotting instead of a trig point. We're meeting at 10:00 Nether End car park DE45 1SR. We'll be easy to spot by the dayglo outfits. The weather forecast looks better than today and we may even get some sunshine. Though come prepared for potential showers. There is likely to be some mud as we're heading up through the woodland, open fields and it keeps bloody raining. You can find full route details here and any questions just reply to this mail.

In other news Pete, 1 of our members popped out for a run last week along the entirety of the Limestone way. The uphill direction. Thats 46 and a bit miles collecting some 6000ft of climbing in a brisk 7hours 31mins. His reward? A really small pork pie and the 1st entry into the Youlgrave Harriers Records. Yes internet immortality. You can have a little stalk of Limestone Pete on Strava here and plot your run to take the record (if you're in Strava land our club group is here).

Thats all - John W


Good evening and welcome to the short but beautiful newsletter number 2 where we have a couple of firsts.

Our local social Sunday club runs have now toured a couple of our village routes and the pubs have found their 'now open' rhythm, so it's time for our first guided trail run away day this Sunday (09/05) at 10:00 from Hartington.

If you're not a member this is our 1st of the regular 'Guided Trail Runs' . It'll be a very gentle 6 miles over the trails and fields in a loop from Hartington with a cheeky hill climb to touch a trig. The full route details are below. For future 'Guided Trail' runs the destination and details will be on the web page here , they'll be every few weeks and appear 4ish weeks in advance.

We operate an all is welcome policy on our Sunday 'Guided Trail' runs with a little caveat of if you're not joined up as a £5 per year member you drop a little donation into the Friends of Youlgrave School charity box (in the shops and pubs) when you next pass through.

If you're wondering what the route selection criteria is for the runs; Does it have a pub. Is there a cracking <ascent/descent/view>. Is there cake or other foodstuff available. Is there a comedy hill name. Do we know where we're going*.

Our 1st race is coming up on 30/05 'Escape to Llama Mountain'. Its a good old fashioned hill race. 1.4mile up a country lane..shallow enough to run hard..steep enough to turn you to jelly. There's an optional group 4ish mile fields run back to the village post race. It is a test event and there's still restrictions so its very limited numbers (<30) and already full. However if you want on the reserve list reply and i'll contact if people drop out. Its free entry as it is the test event.

Club Runs

Guided Trail Run: Hartington

When and Where: Sunday 09/05 10:00 . Hartington.

Start: Devonshire Arms , Hartington, SK7 0AL

Distance: 5.9 mile / 9.5km

Climb: 820 feet / 250 meters

Terrain: Light trail, fields with short section of country lane

Route Description and Map: A loop heading North from Hartington over rolling hills for an up and down of Sheen Hill. The return is a run along light trail and fields between the river and Carder Low back to the village. Map

Facilities: Several pubs, cafe, public toilets and cheese shop in Hartington. Parking is on the streets.

Local Social. Sunday 16/05 10:00, Bulls Head, Youlgrave. Bit of Long Dale and Gratton Dale

Guided Trail Run. Baslow.

Using a version of the Baslow Bolt Fell race route

When and Where: Sunday 23/05 10:00 . Baslow.

Start: Nether End car park DE45 1SR

Distance: 7.9 mile / 12.7 km

Climb: 1100 feet / 335 meters

Terrain: Woodland and pasture. Few short sections of road

Route Description and Map: From the Baslow Bolt race description "The route climbs away from Baslow through fields towards Hassop then proceeds along the beautiful ridge path through Bank Wood and Bramley Wood (a little known local gem). It then drops down to the River Derwent and Calver/ Curbar before climbing up to Baslow Edge (with its fabulous views across both the Dark & White Peak) through a mixture of limestone trail and gritstone before descending Bar Road into Baslow ". Map.

Facilities: Several pubs, cafe, public toilets. Parking is pay and display or on the street.

Race Sunday 30/05: Escape from Llama Mountain (Entry Full). A separate email will go out to those that have entered in the next few days with all the details.

Thats you're lot. Hopefully i'll see you on Sunday for a hill, some cheese and sunshine - john w

*not a huge weighting placed on that 1.....

april newsletter

Hello all and welcome to Youlgrave Harriers. We're about to get up and running, it's pure coincidence that we've waited until the pubs are open. This is all new and we're starting low key for covid reasons, so stick with us and together we'll conquer the Peak District and then the world.


Club run

Our 1st club run is happening this Sunday (18/04) at 10:00 from in front of the Bulls Head, Youlgrave. Everybody is welcome, if you're not a signed up member and just popping along we do ask that you drop a little donation into 1 of the Friends of Youlgrave School charity boxes post run (in the shop and pubs).

We'll be meeting up outside the Bulls Head and linger around the fountain for 10:00, ready for a 10:15 kick off. The plan is a VERY easy 5mile joggette loop (the route will appear on the clubrun website page) for a chance for us to say hello to each other. We'll split into little groups on the day depending on who's out and about. If we can spread out as much as possible at the start to make sure we're both sticking to the covid rules and it's obvious that we're doing so to any passers by.

For the next few weeks club runs will be Sundays starting from Youlgrave. Going forwards the plan is to introduce the midweek run from Youlgrave and the Sunday run becomes the 'away' days or sessions or 'challenges' etc. A link will appear on the clubruns part of the website for members to add things directly to the diary e.g. you've always wanted to go out exploring up Random Big Dirty Goat Nuts Tor Mam Dale so add a date with some details and we'll all join you.


The website is beginning to take shape and will always be the first place to find out anything e.g. future club run plans, results, news and anything else we can think of. There are plenty of things that still need to be added eg a results database,, some club champs devised, full records database etc'll all appear as we go.

In addition to the website there is the Facebook Group and the Strava Group

If you can think of anything that you'd like to see on the website let me know by reply or on FB.


The 1st ever Youlgrave Harrier results! Admittedly i haven't created the database to store them in yet, but soon.

Peak Raid Event 2: Harthill Moor and Bradford Dale.

An ongoing series of 4 races around the Peak District. Its a get to as many checkpoints as possible in the given time to score points format. It's a bit virtual at the moment ie you have to download the app which records you as you run a about looking for the checkpoints. This also means you get a few weeks window to go do your run.

This event was number 2 in the series and very much in our backyard starting at Middleton and the checkpoints are dotted about our local loops (check out the route on their website or do a little strava stalking of Pete or Dani in our strava group).

After 2 events Pete is in 2nd place just 20 points off 1st and Dani is in 32nd (1st in her category)

If you're out racing let me know your result via email initially (a quick submit button will appear at some point on the website). Submit your results and you can start claiming the various club records (we'll have course race records and statute distance records).


If the lifting of covid restrictions are on schedule by the end of May it'll be safe and permitted to have groups of up to 30 so it'll be time for a 'test' event. Just members and friends are invited for the initial event (entry list is closed but i've left space for a few more members if you're not on the list).It will be a 'race' format but very much testing out a few things ie flour direction arrows, timing methods, where do people park, where do we have our recovery pint etc.

Sunday 30th May: Escape from Llama Mountain (Test Event FULL)

What: It's an old fashioned hill race. You start at the bottom and you see how fast you can get to the top. The winner gets the crown of Llama Mountain, though you only get to keep it if you promise to bring it back to defend it.

Where and Route: Starting in Youlgrave its 1.36mile up a quiet lane with no stops and cracking views if your vision is intact at the top. If you've entered you'll get an email with full details at the start of May.

Competition: Not quite 1st up wins. It'll be WAVA (age and gender handicap points system click here for full details) so whoever scores the most points wins.

There's various ideas knocking about for future events and if you have 1 let me know. It has to be minimal effort, tested and feel very Youlgrave..i'll leave that for your interpretation. It's all for our entertainment with the side effect of raising funds for a local cause (Friends of Youlgrave School at the moment).

Thats all for now, hopefully see you Sunday or soon - ROY .John Wadelin

ps if you can start spreading the word about us to everybody you know we can slowly start the new members recruitment drive so we have people to play with.