12/11/2023 Leg it Round Lathkill

7.1m / 951ft 


1 of very local races starting and finishing at the Lathkill Hotel. The rain just about stayed away and the river just about retreated from the paths. Slower conditions than recent years, which made the course record falling even more impressive.

Good turnout by the Harriers crew.

161. Simon Browne 1:14:58

170. William Alves 1:16:23

199. RIchard John 1:21:35

223. Sophie Browne 1:28:33

224. Carol Parsons 1:28:36

225. Carol Parsons 1:28:39

10/08/23 Rickys Race

01/08/2023 Parwich Panoramic 5

5m / 575ft

Starting in Parwich its a few fields then a bit under a miles worth of Tissington trail then back onto the fields, all gently rolling and lots of stiles. The current good weather racing streak continued. Sun always shines on the Harriers.

Full Results HERE

14. John Wadelin 00:39:43

58. Jim Bell 00:48:11

92. Simon Browne 00:53:44

97. William Alves 00:55:10

99. Richard John 00:55:59

117. Edwina Edwards 01:00:28

120. Thelma Pickard 01:01:13

127. Carol Parsons 01:03:18

20/07/23 Sheldon Fell Race

4m / 531ft

1 of the quickest starts to any race in our neighborhood with 1 of the sneakest climbs as well. 'Surprisingly tough' but finishes in the pub and takes in some very runnable bits of trail and fields.

Full Results HERE

22. John Wadelin 00:29:39

68. James Bell 00:35:14

112. William Alves 00:40:22

114. Tim Nixon 00:40:55

127. Richard John 00:42:46

140. Edwina Edwards 00:45:27

142. Thelma Pickard 00:45:40

143. Sophie Brown 00:46:19

144. Carol Parsons 00:46:45

09/07/23 Peak Forest Fell Race

6m / 810ft

Full results

Based out of the village Peak Forest It has an amazing selection of home made cakes at the finish line and a cracking view of Mam Tor if you look up. William and Carol were out for the Harriers.

83. William Alves 01:02:45

104. Carol Parsons 01:11:58

03/07/2023 Hathersage Gala Fell Race 

4.5m / 1066

Full Results

Very much an up then back down race. Heading up through the woods to Higger Tor, straight over that and then back  via Winyards Nick. 3 Harriers were out in the sun, showers, cold, sun again weather. Fun race with some unexpected tough bits across the top.

42. John Wadelin 00:37:51

163. Tim Nixon 00:50:49

191. Thelma Pickard 00:57:49

01/07/23 Warslow Fell Race

6.2m / 2215ft 

Full Results

Oh my. It is establishing itself as a Peak District 'classic'.. there's some steep bits. However after all the hard work of getting round there is a very good beer festival at the finish line.

24. John Wadelin 01:06:27

64. Simon Browne 01:20:29

75. Tim Nixon 01:30:55

84. Harriet Burson-Thomas 01:40:05

25/06/2023 Bakewell Pudding Race

A hot and humid morning welcomed team Pom for a 6 and bit mile run from Bakewell Rec. The route takes you from the park up to the top of Manners Woods, across the rolling top trail in the woods then back down again with a refreshing river crossing near the end. As long as you finish in the top 200 you get a Bakewell Pudding at the end. We had a big turnout including the runners doubling up from the Tideswell race which was on the Friday and everybody got a pudding.

15 . John Wadelin 00:47:27

27. Nigel Garfield 00:50:08

55 (3M60). Jim Bell 

138. William Alves

173. Fran Wadelin 01:12:20

177. Thelma Pickard 01:13:02

191. Carol Parsons 01:15:57

194. Sophie Browne 01:17:28

199. Edwina Edwards 01:20:02

23/06/2023 Tideswell Fell Race

Tideswell Fell Race

There was a nice little downpour earlier in the day to lubricate the downhill for our runners. The race is 4.5 mile up and down affair with a bit of flat in between.

33 (2M60). Jim Bell 37:54

50. William Alves 43:04

58 (1F60). Thelma Pickard 47:27

60. Carol Parsons 50:29

21/05/2023 - Youlgrave's Pommie Panter


It was our very own fell race. We were full, the sunshine was out and everybody got round :) We'll take that as a successful 1st year. We had loads of marshals out, so only had a couple of club runners out. Next year we'll need less helper = more can have fun on the run! Huge thank you to everybody helping, supporting and running it all made for an amazing d

Head to the race page for results, photo links etc HERE

20/05/2023 - Hathersage Hurtle

20mile / 2800ft

Starting in Hathersage you head out on a big loop of the surrounindg area taking in Edges, Moors and Valleys. You even get cake at the checkpoints and beer at the finish line. Tim and Nigel were out in the sunshine and we think they enjoyed it...

181. Tim Nixon 04:12:52

23/04/2023 Rangers Ultra Pennine Bridleway Trail Challenge

270km / 167m 

270km along the Pennine Bridleway from South to North rolling through The Peaks, bit of Yorkshire and finishing in Cumbria. There's over 6000 metres of climb over the very long course. 

Pete thought this sounded like fun. So he went on 1 big long very impressive run and completed it in 44hrs 08mins and 15 seconds , winning by a healthy lead of 11 hours and knocking a silly 18 hours off the course record.

1. Pete Watson 44:08:15

25/03/23 Wingerworth Wobble

The wobble is a 4.5m trail race that has a fair bit of up and down based out of the village of Wingeworth.

Full Results HERE

47. William Alves 00:46:41

76. Carol Parsons 00:54:25

25/03/23 Chicken Run


The 1st of the Hayfield races of the season. Probably 1 of the more pleasant 1's as well. Despite being greeted with some wet and windy weather, the sun did come out part way through. The cake spread was something a bit special and the route was pretty decent as well.

Full Results HERE

18. John Wadelin 01:08:19

127. Tim Nixon 01:31:59

157. Frances Wadelin 01:46:04

167. Thelma Pickard 01:50:34

19/03/2023 Wolfspit Fell Race

5.6m / 1476ft

A decent pokey climb out of Shatton and onto the Moor which gives you 1.5m of sort of flat running before taking an up and down way back to the start. Traditionally you can get a weather battering, but it was behaved today with sunshine and just the mud leftover mud from the previous weeks rain and snow.

Full Results HERE

41. John Wadelin 00:50:54

158. Tim Nixon 01:07:33

174. Fran Wadelin 01:13:00

05/03/2023 Cloud 9 Fell Race

We strayed out of our normal stomping ground for this 9mile race organised by Congleton Harriers. We start from a trail in Congleton which you stick to for the 1st mile before heading into the fields and up onto and round Bosley Cloud which provides the majority of the 1125 ft of the climb before coming back down and back into Congleton. 

Full results

25. John Wadelin 01:06:51

183. William Alves 01:29:55

186. Tim Nixon 01:30:36

249. Simon Ward 01:41:50

253. Fran Wadelin 01:43:43

262. Thelma Pickard 01:47:13

270. Carol Parsons 01:49:35

21/01/23 Nothing To Do With BeerMile: Youlgrave

Beer Mile Page 

This was our 1st Beer Mile in Youlgrave , different location, but same result. Pete dominated and got within 10secs on his PB on our new fields course vs the old track. We had the 1 DNF and few DNS's but that can be put right in the Summer Edition :)

1.Position Name Date Age Group Time

1 PETER WATSON 21/1/2023 MSNR 0:07:38

2 SIMON BROWNE 21/1/2023 MSNR 0:10:14

3 JOHN WADELIN 21/1/2023 MV45 0:10:51

4 FRAN WADELIN 21/1/2023 FV45 0:11:44

5 WILLIAM ALVES 21/1/2023 MV60 0:12:05

6 TIM NIXON 21/1/2023 MV60 0:15:07


15/01/23 Round Sheffield Run

This a a novel format of a race. There's 11 timed stages with short walking sections inbetween. The idea is to race the stages and have a break inbetween. Your result is the sum of the stages. Overall its a 15mile course with the stages adding up to a little over 12mile. 

The course it self is nearly all trail and joins up the parks and hills around Sheffield using the round Sheffield route. We had 4 runners out paddling in the less than ideal but typical nothern winter weather.

Full RESULTS with stage times etc.

42. John Wadelin 01:23:18

901. Dani Watson 02:06:36

951. Fran Wadelin 02:08:31

973. Sarah Halford 02:09:19

26/11/22 BASLOW BOLT

Category: BM


Distance: 12 km / 7.5 miles

Climb: 400 m / 1312 ft

A great mixed route of fields, woods and Baslow edge. Plenty of climb mixed with plenty of fast trail and a big downhill off the edge at the end.

163. Tim Nixon 01:24:30

244. Thelma Pickard 01:37:57

251. Harriet Burson-Thomas 01:40:53

13/11/22 Leg It Round Lathkill

Category: BM


Distance: 11.5 km / 7.1 miles

Climb: 290 m / 951 ft

We had the traditional  dry and sunny on the day weather for the very local Leg it round Lathkill. Admittedly the preceding days weather had made things a bit slippy on the limestone but surprisingly only medium levels of poop across the farm. As ever it was a well organised race and it is a cracking route around some very familiar paths. There was a good turn out overall especially considering the race has had a 2 year covid sabbatical and we had a good gang of Harriers running.

134. William Alves 01:10:23

155. Tim Nixon 01:13:33

195. Fran Wadelin 01:20:53

196. Richard John 01:20:55

212. Thelma Pickard 01:27:33

213. Carol Parsons 01:28:18

06/11/2022 Peak District Trail. Bradfield Trail

9.5 miles Trail

Dark White Events put on a series of trail races around the Peak Distrcit all year round and they group them into a series. This was R2 in The Autumn edition, they offer a short or long version along fully marked but rolling trials. The series competition is scored by points allocated based on your finishing position, 100 for 1st, 99 for 2nd etc. Dani was our representative coming in 7th which puts her 5th overall with 1 race left.

66. 7F Dani Watson 01:37:40

23/10/2022 Windgather Fell Race

Category: BL


Distance: 21.7 km / 13.5 miles

Climb: 762 m / 2500 ft

The weather was 'challenging' to match the route. Starting and finishing in Burbage you go on a tour of the Goyt Valley taking in the Windgather Rocks, Pym Chair and Shining Tor. Everything is nice and exposed to appreciate the full fun of horizontal rain.

145. Tim Nixon 02:57:20

15/10/2022 Go Big Moor

Category: BL


Distance: 21 km / 13 miles

Climb: 540 m / 1772 ft

Pete was out on the tour of the Moors and a valley. The route takes in the imaginatively titled Big Moor and Totley Moor and decent level of bleakness. Pete was 4th with just 6seconds separating 2nd,3rd and 4th. 

4. Pete Watson 01:35:47

18/09/2022 Sothend 10k

A departure form the normal Harriers terrain it is a almost straight,and flat out and back along the seafront. There was a decent wind blowing to ensure that it wasn't all too easy in the sunshine.

Full Results HERE

262. William Alves 00:51:02

426. Carol Parsons 00:57:19

11/09/2022 Rangers Ultras: High Peak 100KM Ultra

Yes its 100km out and back along the High Peak Trail. Starting from Whaley Bridge it goes all the way to Black Rock near Cromford..then you come back. It is a very scenic trail, but rather relentless.

Pete was out there 'enjoying' himself, winning and setting a new course record. 

1. Pete Watson 10:28:23

10/09/2022 Nine Edges Event 

Category: BL


Distance: 32.8 km / 20.4 miles

Climb: 893 m / 2930 ft

Venue: Fairholmes carpark, Ladybower.

It's 20miles (ish) of classic Peak District running taking in all those Gritstone edges and high moorland. There's 3000 feet of climb involved as you go roll across those edges from Fairholmes to the Robin Hood Pub at Birchen Edge. All the money raised goes to the Mountain Rescue...consider it an investment for a potential future requirement.  Tim tackled this tough bogger of an event, there must be easier ways of getting a free pint.


87 (2.V60). Tim Nixon 04:12:25 

30/08/2022 Eyam Fell Race 

Category: BS


Distance: 10.4 km / 6.5 miles

Climb: 460 m / 1509 ft

Venue: Eyam Sports Pavilion, Hawkhill Rd, S32 5QP.

We had another sunny evening for the run away from the plague fell race. Starting and finishing in the Eyam playing field. There's a tough climb at the start and a decent plummet involved along with wide views and a quick section through the woods. It had a very decent pub with a large courtyard and post race BBQ for recovery.  There was a gang of 3 Harriers out running.

84. Nigel Garfield 00:55:02

209. Tim Nixon 01:10:32

243. Thelma Pickard 01:16:09


02/09/2022 Great Longstone 

Category: BS


Distance: 7.7 km / 4.8 miles

Climb: 290 m / 951 ft

Venue: Recreation Ground, Great Longstone.

Completing a 2 race week the weather threatened us with drizzle but came good with sunshine for effectively the last of the summer evening fell races.  We even had a sky full of hot air ballons making for some amazing views to distract you from the running. The route heads out of the village and climbs up onto Longstone Edge across the moorland and back down through the woods to the village.  Yet another decent village pub for the post race recovery as well.

120. Tim Nixon 00:47:12

129. Frances Wadelin 00:48:23


23/08/22 Taddington Lanes



Full Results HERE

An excellent traditional village lanes and trail race round the picturesque and bit hilly Taddington. It turned out to be a pretty tough little beggar with a long climb out of the village to soften the legs up before the rolling last few miles and cheeky little back into the village..then back up a little hill again before the finish line. One of the prizes was a hammer. Brilliant.

15. John Wadelin 00:25:58

80. William Alves 00:34:57

87. Frances Wadelin 00:36:36

93. Tim Nixon 00:38:09

95. Carol Parsons 00:39:05

100. Richard John 00:45:27

101. Melissa Weebourn Hesp 00:45:27

08/08/22 Rickys Race 

7.3 mile / 787 feet

A (very) warm summer's evening greeted us for this little tester of a race. The route had a bit of everything with a wooded trail start, a (very) long climbing lane, twisty descent and nibbley final climb up to Oker Trig point. Recovery was in the Square and Compass pub with some darned fine shortbread.

17. John Wadelin 00:36:23

118. Frances Wadelin 00:50:57

127. Tim Nixon 00:52:34

156. Melissa Weebourn Hesp 01:17:42

09/08/22 Hob Hursts Fell Race

5 mile/ 840 feet

Thelma was our solo Harrier at this popular and hot race organised by Peak Running.

The route goes from Beeley up through Hell Bank Plantation and across the moorland to Hob Hurst's House (it's a mound, a prehistoric mound, it's named after a hobgoblin that lived in the nearby woods). From the hobgoblins house it's then a nice fast descent all the way back to Beeley.

02/08/22 Parwich Panoramic 5

8.5k / 656ft

A rolling tough in places 5 miles from the Guardians 8th best place to live village. There was decent on the night conditions and we had 4 runners out there. 1st Harrier back was Will then it was a sprint finish to separate the others .

79. William Alves 00:51:49

111. Tim Nixon 01:00:23

112. Thelma Pickard 01:00:30

115. Carol Parsons 01:02:24

01/08/22 Bonsall Hill Race

4.1 mile / 800 feet

Part of the carnival week in Bonsall, its a mixed terrain 4 mile race starting and finishing at the Barley Mow pub. It has a cheeky sting in the tail with a few 100m of finishing uphill to the pub. All good summers evening pub and Pete was back on the podium with a 2nd place finish. 

Full Results TBC: 

Pete Watson

Dani Watson

Melissa Wellbourn 

28/07/22 Brassington Fell Race

Full Results HERE

A summers evening race from the Village of Brassington saw 170 runners tackle the ups, few more ups, another up and down of this very local fell race. We think everybody enjoyed themselves and the post race pub was a good one.

Performance of the night goes to Thelma for winning her age group. Though there were excellent Harriers performances all round with Pete coming from a few weeks off injured with an excellent 5th.

5. Pete Watson 00:40:55

123. William Alves 00:58:39

148. Tim Nixon 01:04:00

149. Fran Wadelin 01:04:02

158.(1F60) Thelma Pickard 01:07:55

165. Carol Parsons 01:09:13

13/07/2022 Black Rocks

Dani was our representative at the Black Rocks Fell Race. The route starts on Cromford Meadows, follows the canal tow path then sends you up the climb to the Trig point on Cromford Moor up above Black Rocks then its a 'sprint all the way back down.

100. Dani Watson 01:02:52

10/07/2022 Xterra Snowdonia Trail Half Marathon

On a VERY toasty day in Wales we had 2 runners out for the Snowdonia Half . The previous day Fran and Sarah had done the big Welsh swim as a warm up (1.3k and 6k respectively). 

The route takes you up the Snowdon Ranger Path and back down Llanberis Path. Once you'r back then go back up the zig zags up to Vivian Quarry and back down again. Cheeky 1192 meters of climb involved. 

309. (93F) Frances  Wadelin 03:53:32

310. (101F) Sarah Halford 03:53:32


The full results and report is HERE . Simply thankyou to everybody involved from helpers to runners. Its greatly appreciated. We'll be back in 2023.

26/06/2022 Bakewell Pudding Race

10.2 km / 240 m

Probably the most local race we have. Starting from the Rec ground you head up into Manners woods via the golf course, pop out into the top fields for some open ground running before heading back into the woods and onto a fast few miles downhill. Finishes with a refreshing river crossing and Bakewell Pudding to replace the calories. Tom was our 1st home in an excellent 7th.

Full results HERE

7. Tom Stokes 00:42:25 

116. William Alves 01:02:42

151 Carol Parsons 01:09:48

156 Thelma Pickard 01:10:39

158. Frances Wadelin 01:10:50

22/06/22 Riber Run

6.8km / 305m

Another 1 of those races with a bit of everything, including some pretty steep treats. Pete was flying solo and came an impressive 5th

5. Peter Watson 00:33:34

21/06/22 Tidewells Interinns 5K

A rare road race just a short trip up the road for team YH. A 'rolling' 5k course that heads from Tideswell to Litton and back to the pub. Great local race and very well organised, even had a road closure.

There were lots of medals for the team, cracking work all.

4. John Wadelin 00:18:16 . 1st MV40

36.(9F) Danielle Watson 00:24:11

47.(13F. 4VF) Frances Wadelin 00:25:29 

49. William Alves 00:25:35 . 2nd MV60

72. (24F. 4W50 )Carol Parsons. 00:28:30

81 (27F) Thelma Pickard 00:29:46 . 3rd FV60

7/06/22 Burbage Skyline Fell Race

7km / 189m

It was a new and bit shorter route for 2022. Bit of everything, few longer climbs, few short sharp bits, a bog, some rocks and a massive bull. 

42. John Wadelin 00:34:11

270. Frances Wadelin 00:50:10

02/06/22 Bamford Sheepdog Fell Race

 7.2km / 305m / BS

Sheepdogs, sheep and a run up Win Hill. It was a hot sunny day and we had a decent sized squad out. There was a few wrong turns but we all made it back in 1 piece

16. Tom Stokes 00:36:39

48. John Wadelin 00:39:35

215. Edwina Edwards 00:59:02

224. Frances Wadelin 01:01:34

260. Melissa Wellbourn Hesp 01:29:19

15/05/22 Eyam Half Marathon

Organised by the village as their annual fundraiser its a beautiful but rather pokey Half. Its has 1500 feet of climb that's rolling making it rather challenging and not exactly a PB route. We had 2 runners out who both set club records.. :) 

164. Dani Watson 01:59:47 (ROY Female  Record)

264. Tim Nixon 02:13:43 (ROY Male Record + M60 Record)

20/03/22 Wolfs Pit

The fell race that tends to kick off the sunny weather racing season. We did have the sunshine this year though the starting field was its traditional freezing. The route is about 5.6 miles with 1476 feet of climb jammed mostly into the 2 climbs as you circle round Shatton Moor.

(the results got out of sync somewhere on the day so may be corrected at some point 

31. John Wadelin 48:38

123. Dani Watson 01:04:06

147. Tim Nixon 01:08:57

160.  Frances Wadelin 01:14:25


Distance: 1mile

The 1st team invitational of the (nothing to do with) Beer Mile. 

We had 3 teams go to head and a 4th team time trialing. In the individual race Youlgrave Harrier's Pete dominated the field taking 12 seconds off his own course record and recording a spectacular time of 07:26.

In the team championships it was far closer with Redhill Runners taking the victory by just 6 seconds from Youlgrave Harriers. Erewash Valley came in a brave 3rd. Round 2 for the overall Beer Champs will be the CYC in July and should be a close battle.

There was also a time trial before the main race with Formula One running club laying down times for their own in club battle. Their times will be carried forward to the CYC where its a sum of the times over the 2 races for the series champs.

The CYC  (vertical beer mile) will be in July and invites with the details will go out closer to the time as the 1st rule of beer mile is that it has nothing to do with....

All Results from over the years can be found HERE

Beacons Ultra

Distance: 47 mile

Climb: 6000 feet

A mixed trail/mountain/canal/road ultra around the Breacon Beacons. Basically a full tour of the area taking in the full collection of terrain including the big cold hills. 

Pete was out there representing Youlgrave Harriers..and he did a very fine job of it. He picked up the 1st podium finish by anybody in a Youlgrave vest, so he's in the history page (when we write it..its only been 9 months since we opened).

3. Pete Watson 7:20:02



Short Tour of Bradwell

Category: AS

Distance: 7.8km

Climb: 390m

Venue: Bradwell Sports Pavilion, opposite Samuel Fox Inn, Bradwell, S33 9ST

Grid ref: 175818

Skills & experience: PM

Part of a series of events that the village of Bradwell put on throughout the year. All put on to raise funds for causes in and around Bradwell...and to give us a great series of races to play in.

The short tour had plenty of poke to it with plenty of tough ups and downs, how ever there was a flattish bit to attempt to rescue some time if the legs were still working. A highly recommended low key and well organised race to pop in the diary for next year. Unfortunately no cakes this year because of the covid restrictions.    

We had 3 runners out and everybody made it back in 1 piece. Pete was 1st back in 10th place doing some fine advertising for Youlgrave Harries.

10. Pete Watson 41:18

16. John Wadelin 43:44

85. Dani Watson 61:07

Route maps


12/06/21 A Bridge Too Far Ultra:

50km/38m. 1100m/3400ft

A ultra race up North. This is an out and back route. The Bridge Too Far Ultra takes you along the Six Dales Trail from Otley through the dales of Wharfedale, Washburndale, Nidderdale; passing by Swinsty, Fewston and Thruscross Reservoirs before heading over to Pateley Bridge and then all the way back to the finish in Otley.

Yasmin has now ventured into the world of ultras and completed the race in 9hr10min in some very hot conditions.

30/05/21 Escape to Llama Mountain: A Hill Race

Youlgrave Harrier's 1st ever event. It was a 1.4 mile uphill race on Mawstone Lane leading up out of Youlgrave to the Llamas at the summit. It was run as a test event to dip our toe into race organizing with an entry list consisting of club friends and members. Tom Stokes took the win determined via the WAVA handicap scoring system setting the gun time and WAVA score course record in the process. 

Thank you all to running and helping out, special mentions to Charlies event management and Yas's timing solutions. It was greatly appreciated and helped us gain valuable info for future full events. We hope you enjoyed the fun of sprinting up Llama Mountain, meeting the ladies and the reclusive Craig. We'll look forward to seeing you again sometime in the late summer for our 1st open event which is penciled in as the 3:3 race a 6 mile loop with.. 3m up , 3m down.

escape to Llama Mountain